2016 Australia Slalom and Wildwater and 2015 Schools Championships

The 2016 Australian Slalom and Wildwater Championships and the Australian Schools Championships are in Tasmania – Early January, 2016.  Venues are the Upper Mersey river below Rowallan Dam (Australian Champs) and the Forth River below Paloona Dam (Schools Champs).  A couple of days water release is also planned for Brady’s Lake. Event organisation will be a collaboration between Canoe Tas and Canoeing WA.   The series will incorporate the 2016 Australian Slalom and Wildwater Championships and the 2015 Schools Wildwater and Slalom Championships.  The following web page is the focal point for information, start lists and results for the series:


See also the Facebook group page:


Australian Slalom, Wildwater and Schools Champs return to Tas in 2016

In January 2016, whitewater paddlers of all ages from across Australia and a large contingent of talented juniors from New Zealand will converge on the Mersey and Forth Rivers for Wildwater Racing and Slalom events.  Planning for the event is well underway and a tentative schedule and venue information can be found via the following […]

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