2019 Canoe Polo Team Our First in 20 years

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Canoe Polo in Australia

Ian Beasley has captured the history of the sport in Australia in his work Canoe polo in Australia Note If you have a comment or would like to add to the story of Australia’s ongoing affair with canoe polo, contact Ian Beasley.

Day 2 Australian Canoe Polo Nationals 2019

Day 2 Australian Canoe Polo Championships update by Jen Purtell Penrith again provided ideal canoe polo conditions with flat water and no wind. The four fields, set up on the rowing lake beside the white water course, were kept busy all day with fierce matches. After a tough game for our Masters against the NSW […]

Australian Canoe Polo 2019 Final Results

FINAL RESULTS U18 (Juniors) 7. QLD Women 6. VIC 5. QLD 2 4. TAS 3. ACT 2. QLD 1 1. Fifth Wheel Masters 5. TAS 4. VIC 3. SA 2. NSW A 1. NSW B Veterans 2. NZ 1. NSW U21 7. SA 6. NSW 5. TAS 4. NZ U21 B 3. NZ U18 B […]