Canoe Tasmania Canoe Education Weekend

The 2007 Canoe Tasmania Canoe Education weekend will feature a short course in Coastal Navigation and an evening of  “Paddling into Possibilities” – presentations by great Tasmanian explorers of unusual paddling possibilities.

Also, paddling skills courses catering for complete beginners to more advanced paddlers on flatwater, whitewater and the sea will be offered. These skills courses are conducted by experienced instructors in small groups and cater to individual learning needs.

Limited places for sea, flatwater and whitewater instructor courses are available and early bookings are encouraged.

The weekend is centered around the Forth Valley, with sea-kayaking off-shore from Turners Beach and the whitewater at the Tasmanian Canoe Club course, recently reconstructed after the flood.

For more details, click on the link below or call Andrea 6428 2270