Canoe Tasmania Canoe Education Weeknd

The next Canoe Tasmania Canoe Education Weekend will be held on October 21/22 at the Forth River and Turners Beach.

It will feature two special sessions run by Jeff Jennings, one of Tasmania’s most experienced sea kayak paddlers. Jeff will provide a course on sea kayak sail making and use on the Saturday. On Saturday night he will present a Movie Night of his spectacular sea kayaking DVDs.

Other courses include:

  • Introductory paddling – “Come and Try”
  • Skill Development in sea, whitewater and flatwater
  • One and two day courses
  • AC Instructor Award Flatwater (Level 1) and Whitewater (Level 2) courses

For more information, contact Andrea McQuitty  email: or phone 6428 2270

The enrolment form is below:


       Canoe Education Weekend

        Turners Beach  Ð Forth River

       October 21-22, 2006     One and two day courses



Sea kayaking

v      Sail making and use Ð a special presentation by Jeff Jennings

v      Sea kayaking skills Ð for paddlers who own their own sea kayaks

v      Movie night Ð Jeff Jennings presents some of his spectacular DVDs of sea kayaking



v      Introduction to flatwater kayak paddling  – for those who have never paddled before

v      Flatwater skill development Ðfor paddlers with some paddling experience

v      AC Flatwater Instructor Award (Level 1)  courses and assessment        



v      Introduction to whitewater kayak paddling

v      Whitewater skill development Ðfor paddlers with some experience on Grade 2 water

v      AC Whitewater Instructor Award ( Level 2) courses and assessment


Who is this weekend for?

This weekend is for people:


v Wanting to learn how to paddle a kayak on flatwater or whitewater

v Wanting to further develop paddling skills on flatwater, whitewater or the sea

v Interested in learning about sea kayak sailing

v Wishing to be assessed for Australian Canoeing paddling skills awards

v Wanting to become AC qualified instructors on flat water (Level 1) or white water (Level 2)

v Who are instructors wishing to re-ratify


Paddling skills courses

Qualified instructors will work with small groups of paddlers of similar experience and ability, on flatwater, whitewater and the sea. Novices through to paddlers with some moderate levels of experience are catered for. Paddlers will have the opportunity to be assessed for a range of AC paddling skill awards.


 Sea Kayak Sailing       Sea Kayaking Adventures


Jeff Jennings will present a special session on sea kayak sail making and use on Saturday.

This will be followed by a presentation of some of his spectacular DVDS of sea kayaking on Saturday evening.










To enrol, complete the enrolment, indemnity and medical questionnaire forms and return with full payment, by OCTOBER 13, to:

Andrea McQuitty          Email:

 4 Beach St                   Ph  0407 407 001  or  6428 2270

Leith   7315   

Please note that payment is by cheque or money order made payable to Canoe Tasmania Inc. only. Contact Andrea to organise any alternative payment arrangements if necessary.


















  Enrolment Form   Canoe Education Weekend   October 21/22, 2006








Previous paddling experience (include places paddled and craft used)ÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ.


Please tick the box for which course you are interested in attending.

Please note that some courses are for one day Ð other for two days


SATURDAY Ð all courses start at 10am

One day courses Ð SATURDAY ONLY


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Sea kayaking Ð sail making and use with Jeff Jennings

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