Day 2 Australian Canoe Polo Nationals 2019

Day 2 Australian Canoe Polo Championships update by Jen Purtell

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Penrith again provided ideal canoe polo conditions with flat water and no wind. The four fields, set up on the rowing lake beside the white water course, were kept busy all day with fierce matches.

After a tough game for our Masters against the NSW B team we all sat down together to watch and support our Juniors play the QLD 2 team. They played brilliantly…they talked to each other during play, set up some strong defense and finished with a 4 all draw. The crowd were a bit rowdy in support. 🤩A perfect way to build confidence and start the day.

They then had a tough game against QLD resulting in a loss but there was still plenty of good play including a goal by Angus from well back on the field.

For their last game they played extremely well against Victoria and won 6:2 demonstrating strong offensive and defensive play! A highlight of the trip.

The Youth team, once again had a tough start against the NZ Under 18’s but then drew against SA. They had a loss to Qld A but they were complimented by the qld coaches for giving their team a really good game, particularly in the first half. The QLd team supporters looked worried at half time as I don’t think they were expecting a tight game. After a lot of coach input Qld changed defense strategy and managed to pull away with numerous goals in the second half. It was lovely afterwards when Qld supporters congratulated our youth team for their strong play and particularly mentioned their strong teamwork. 💫

Our Masters continue to improve and finished the day strongly with a 2:3 loss against NSW veterans. Simon stated that they are learning to play more aggressively and to play under pressure. They are certainly improving each game. There are a few sore muscles but enthusiasm is high.

Tas vs QLD 2 – 4:4 draw
Tas vs QLD 1 – 1:9 loss
Tas vs Vic – 6:2 win!

Tas vs NZ Under 18 team – 13:0 loss
Tas vs SA youth – 3:3 draw
Tas vs QLD Under 21 – 0:8 loss
Tas vs NSW veterans – 2:3 loss

Tas vs NZ Masters B – 4:8 loss
Tas vs NSW – 1:3 loss
Tas vs VIC – 0:4 loss

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