Mersey – on top of the fires, has been hit by the flooding, at its peak there was more than 6 times the normal flow down the Mersey 187cumecs v 25 normally, and the road has washed away in places. So we can’t even get up to survey the damage. The trees from the fire will have all washed away, but no idea what extra wood has come down from upstream to end up in the river.

Forth – all the wooden walkways and platforms and made paths have been washed away, all the huge steel posts for slalom gate erection have been washed out and all the slalom wires and gates are gone. Gravel all washed off the road, trees down, and lots of flood debris. not sure about the concrete features in the river yet, won’t be able to see until the water goes down.

Broken Bridge – all the ropes and wires and gates gone and a lot of trees down from which ropes were strung.

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