Four Derwent Canoe Club Members in Australian Slalom Team

Congratulations to Daniel Watkins, Rohan Borojevic, Jake Hodkinson and Kate Eckhardt who have all been selected in the Australian Slalom Team.

Daniel made the K1 in the Senior Team and K1 and C1 in the Under 23 Team.

Kate made the K1 and C1 in the Junior (Under 18) Team, Rohan nade the Junior Team in C1 and Jake made the Junior Team in K1.

This is a fantastic result for the Derwent Canoe Club – 36% of the places in the under 18 Team are taken up by DCC paddlers.

The results come from a lot of hard work by them, and some great support from their local coaches and parents.

They’ll be off to Europe and Brazil in a couple of months for the Junior World Champs and a whole lot of other races.

Full team details below.

C1M: Kynan Maley (WA), Robin Jeffery (WA), Ethan Hodson (NSW)
C1W: Rosalyn Lawrence (NSW), Jessica Fox (NSW), Alison Borrows (NSW)
K1M: Lucien Delfour (NSW), Jaxon Merritt (VIC), Daniel Watkins (TAS)
K1W: Jessica Fox (NSW), Alison Borrows (NSW), Rosalyn Lawrence (NSW)

C1M: Daniel Watkins (TAS), Benjamin Pope (WA)
C1W: Jessica Fox (NSW), Alison Borrows (NSW)
K1M: Daniel Watkins (TAS), Tim Anderson (VIC), Benjamin Pope (WA)
K1W: Jessica Fox (NSW), Alison Borrows (NSW), Georgia Rankin (WA).

Junior team:
 Tristan Carter (VIC), Rohan Borojevic (TAS)
C1W: Noemie Fox (NSW), Kate Eckhardt (TAS), Demelza Wall
K1M: Angus Thompson (NSW), Tristan Carter (VIC), Jake Hodkinson (TAS)
K1W: Noemie Fox (NSW), Kate Eckhardt (TAS), Georgina Collin (WA)