Forth River Information

The Tasmanian Canoe Club Slalom Course is grade 2, consisting of a small rapid then a flat pool of 50m followed by another small rapid with a number of man made obstructions to create waves and eddies.  It is used extensively for teaching moving water basics, slalom.  The river trip from Paloona Dam is popular for beginners and used often for Wildwater races and training.  It has numerous easy grade 2 rapids with fast green chutes, small waves and good eddies.
Forth Slalom Course
Forth Canoe Education November 2014 Weekend

Slalom Course

Location:  Drive approximately 8km south from the township of Forth along the Wilmot road (C131), which is on the west bank of the River. (To check) For those with GPS: E 437285 N 5432651 (GDA94) Slalom Gates:  Due to river level variations resulting from Hydro operations at the Paloona Dam gates should be raised clear of the water before leaving. Facilities:  The Tasmania Canoe Club uses the Forth as its base.  A storage and compiling shed and more recently toilets have been constructed at the top of the hill overlooking the course. Warning: Depending on power demand and inflows, the river may rise and completely cover the shingle bank.   Do not expect unattended Kayaks and other gear left on the shingle bank to be there when you return.

Wildwater Race Course

Distance: 3.3 km Average Gradient: 2m/km, Peak Gradient: 5m/km Difficulty: Grade 2. Paddling Time: 1 hour OR as short as 11-12 mins in a Wildwater Racer. Entry Point: Entry Point: 1 Km. above Paloona Bridge from Paloona Road (C144). Take the track down to Paloona Power Station and enter opposite the Wilmot River Junction (Grid ref. 371 300). Exit Point: At the Slalom Course. Water Level:  Water is provided via the Parangana Power Station, operated by Hydro Tasmania. Typically 1200-1500 cusecs is provided for slalom events.  More water is fine for river trips and wildwater racing.  Hydro Tasmania does its best to provide water releases for official Canoe Tasmania or Club events by prior arrangement where operating requirements allow.  All requests should go via Canoe Tasmania’s Hydro Liaison officer.  For the current level, see Hydro Tasmania web page: and click on the Forth River – Lower. Tasmap: 1:100,000  …..  (Land Tenure Index Series). Shuttle: 10 mins drive along a good quality road. General Description: The river is fast flowing easy grade 2 with obvious lines and small waves.  Eddies are often strong and some care is required on river bends to avoid over hanging tree hazards.

Other Sections

The section below the Slalom course down to an access point upstream of the weir, is also a good river trip for novices under instruction.  Refer to Paddle Tasmania for further information and access points.  Be aware that, depending on the river level, the Forth Weir is not appropriate for beginners but there is an exit point approximately 100 metres above the weir. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]