Meet the Rapid Slayers

Meet our Rapid Slayers……….


Hi, my name is Erin, I am 12 years old, and I live at Blackmans Bay.  I really like canoe polo because its great fun and we get to do rolling practice and play in a warm pool.  The river trips we’ve done so far have been awesome, and our instructors are really cool, teaching us new skills. I feel really lucky to be doing kayaking.




IÕm Clancy I am 12 and I go to FriendsÕ school and live in West Hobart. So far IÕve really liked kayaking because itÕs so fun! And I have a good coach (Peter Eckhardt)


Above is a photo of me paddling at the Forth river this trip was so fun (even though I was out of control) because it was only my 2nd time in white water and it was a race.



My name is Elsa. I am 13 years old. I have only recently started in the Rapid Slayers Squad although I have played in canoes at home where we are lucky to live on North West Bay. I also enjoy horse riding,. I think I will stick with kayaking and horse riding! I am looking forward to further training in rapids as my pool skills develop. The first challenge was to learn to role witch I have now done and really enjoy it! I am looking forward to river work over the summer holidays.