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More top 10 results for Dan

Dan Hall ranked 7th overall in Wildwater World Cup

Proposed new AC Award Scheme

Feedback is being asked for regarding the proposed changes to the AC Award Scheme

Dan 4th in World Cup 2

Dan Hall finished 4th in World Cup 2, a Rapid Sprint event held at Mezzana, Italy yesterday. Dan finished just 2.18 seconds behind the...

Wildwater team 5th in Worlds

Dan Hall, Ben Maynard and Mathew French excel in teams race.

Wildwater World Championship results

Dan finishes 15th in the classic race despite severing his thumb.

Tasmanian/Australian Wildwater Team update

The Australian Wildwater Team his year consists entirely of the Tasmanian Institue of Sport Elite Development Squad members. Carol Hurst, Dan Hall, Mathew French...

John Borojevic continues as Chair of Canoe Tasmania

John Borojevic was reinstated as the Chair of Canoe Tasmania at the AGM held on Saturday. The Board of Directors are John Borojevic, John...

Meander Dam access

Access to the Upper Meander River is currently not possible due to the dam construction works. Canoe Tasmania is liaising with the relevant authorities...

Upper Meander access

Dam site works currently stop access

Level 1 Coaching Course for Women

A Level 1 Whitewater Coaching Course for Women will be held on the Derwent River on May 6/7. The course covers slalom and...