Paddle Power Term 2

The Derwent Canoe Club is a canoe sport and recreational canoeing club based in Hobart. The Club has been active across all areas of canoeing for the last 40 years.

The Paddle Power program is a program of the Club with the aim of encouraging and introducing junior paddlers (10-14yo) to canoeing. The program will involve 8 sessions of paddling and will introduce basic skills, safety and exploring waterways.

Whilst it is not intended that children will be swimming, it is possible that they may fall in and need to be prepared to get wet and be able to swim 25m.


Sessions will take place at Kingston Beach or Howden. The first introductory session will be on Tuesday, May 3 and will start with a briefing at 4.30 pm.


Commencing: Term 2, Tuesday May 3 (Week 2), Finishing: Last week of Term 2.

The program will involve one session per week, initially at 4.30 on a Tuesday and then Sundays 9am.


Participants can provide their own gear or hire gear from the club. They will need a boat, paddle and buoyancy vest. Most single kayaks are suitable for use in the program.

Equipment can be hired from the club for the duration of the program. Families will transport equipment to each session so roof racks (or alternative) will be needed. If you need to hire gear please indicate this on the registration form.


Paddlers should wear suitable clothing that is warm and doesn’t inhibit swimming. Thermal clothing and waterproof top or wetsuit with waterproof top are examples of suitable clothing. They will need warm clothes to put on afterwards.


The Coaches on the program are experienced canoeists who will use the Paddle Passporte coaching program to facilitate the coaching sessions. There will be about 5 paddlers each coaching group.

Coaches are enrolled in the DCC coach development program and are either Level One accredited or trainee level one slalom coaches.


Please ensure you exchange mobile phone numbers with your childs coach and the coach coordinator to enable any program timetable changes to be sent to you.

If your child is unable to attend a session you are required to inform your child’s coach.


There are three components to the program costs,

  1. DCC club membership (essential) $25 for 6 months for children

  2. Equipment hire $60 for a full set of gear. (Boat, paddle and buoyancy vest)

  3. Coaching $100. (We are not able to provide refunds for missed sessions)

For second child or siblings in one family; coaching = $50; boat hire = $35

Download Registration Form here.

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