Paddling and Eagle Spotting

The Bookend Trust (a Tasmanian NGO specialising in science and environmental education) has recently initiated a citizen science program, starting with an eagle survey which basically comprises people all across Tasmania spending 6 ten-minute periods searching the skies for birds of prey – on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th May. People now starting to sign up and choose their ‘survey’ square on a grid map of Tasmania.
As you may imagine, we’re quite short of people to survey the remoter areas, and are specially reaching out to the more intrepid members of the community to see if it might appeal.
I’m writing in case you might like to incorporate this event into your calendar, and/or promote it to members. You can read more about it here – Details of what’s involved are under ‘Prepare’, and the registration map is under ‘Take Part’.
You’ll see the particular concentration of surveys around Hobart! It would be so great for the science to get similar concentrations across the rest of Tassie!