Tasmanian canoe polo players embark on a return to the national championships

WHAT A MAD SCRAMBLE: Tasmania's best canoe polo players scrap for desperaste possession. Pictures: Phillip Biggs

Article by: Andrew Mathieson, The Examiner

Tasmanian canoe polo once created waves across the country, but for much of this century it has barely made a ripple.

Much of that has come down to a simple case of location. Or lack thereof.

The small community of canoeists centred in the North of the state has shuffled from dams to pools at great cost all the while participation and interest has waned.

But the Tamar Canoe Club is starting to resurface to the top and so has its new home for training after months on the lookout.

“It was a bit further out that we were originally looking for, but when we came out, it was just perfect,” Tasmanian team manager Jenn Purtell says ahead of the sport’s nationals at the weekend.

“It’s very private and very sheltered from the winds too. And we took a couple of days to set the goals up to make it home.

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