Teva Cataract Extreme Race

TEVA Cataract Adventure Sport FestivalÉ.Powered by Hydro Tasmania


         January 13/14

á         Teva Cataract Extreme Race

á         Australian Whitewater Rafting Championships

á         Multi-sport Sprint Race

á         Come ÔNÕ Try Kayaking


Take one spectacular gorge in a city. Add water until big rapids form. Toss in some of the best whitewater paddlers from Australia and New ZealandÉand a Londoner. Invent crazy races. Decorate with peacocks, Teva banners and plastic kayaks. Serve with a thousand spectators. Enjoy! Only the photos and memories remain until next time in 2009.



Dan Hall retained his title as the Teva Cataract Extreme Kayaking Champion against very tough competition. In the head-to-head final against his Australian Wildwater Racing teammate, fellow Tasmanian Ben Maynard, Dan established an early lead which he maintained in a perfect run. Dan didnÕt have things all his way though during the heats, losing one race to NZ paddler, Donald Johnstone. As three time winner of NZÕs Wairoa Extreme Race and a World top 5 slalom paddler during the 1980s, Donald showed his class in every run on the river.


The womenÕs final was one of the best races of the day. WomenÕs World Cup Freestyle Champion, Tanya Faux, raced to an early lead but was chased down by Australian Womens Wildwater Racing Champion, Carol Hurst. In a close tussle, Tanya just managed to touch out Carol at the finish.


The winners:

Teva Cataract Extreme Head-to-Head Race:


  1. Dan Hall                   Tas                 
  2. Ben Maynard            Tas   
  3. Donald Johnstone    NZ



  1. Tanya Faux       Vic
  2. Carol Hurst        Tas


   Teva Cataract Extreme Teams Race

1. Dan Hall/ Justin Boocock

2. Andrew Maynard/ Stewart Bennett

3. Ben Maynard/ Tanya Faux



Cataract Extreme Sport Race                             

1. Warren Lee                                                       

2. John Borojevic                                                        

3. Dave Borojevic