Whitewater Skills and Instructor Courses

A Whitewater Skills Course an a Whitewater Instructor Course will be held on May 30/31 at the Upper Mersey. Arm River Camp will be used as the base for the weekend, with bunkhouse or camping accommodation and an evening meal on Saturday night included in the course fees.

Whitewater Skills Course:  This course is for those paddlers who already have some experience with basic whitewater paddling at Grade 2 level and who wish to develop the skills and confidence to paddle Grade 3 whitewater. Instruction will be provided in small groups and will be individualised to meet the current level of skill and experience of group members. Cost $160

Whitewater Instructor Course: This Australian Canoeing accredited course is for people who wish to lead trips and instruct on Grade 2 whitewater and who have some Grade 3 whitewater experience. A summary of the course content can be found from the link below. Cost $260, with an additional $142.50 payable to Australian Canoeing for instructor registration on completion of the assessment process.

For more information, contact Andrea on 0407 407 001.