Wildwater Winter Wash Weekend Report

 The 4th annual Wildwater Winter Wash Weekend was held in balmy conditions on the Upper

Mersey whitewater course,with Saturday being devoted to training and perfecting lines and Sunday

to racing.

The aim of the weekend is to provide valuable whitewater experience for national representatives

about to compete at world championships in Europe as well as locals displaying their “toughness”

at paddling in our chilly winter climate. 

This year an open invitation went out to the Tasmanian paddling community in general to share the

water and enjoy our premier racing river. Over 50 paddlers took the opportunity to sharpen their

river reading skills across all 3 clubs and 1 college over the 2 days.Thanks must go to Hydro

Tasmania for their cooperation supplying these ideal paddling conditions.We are extremely lucky to

have such a supportive organisation involved in our sport.

Sundays race is unique in that it is a point score event. The athletes are timed over the standard

classic course , with “split “ times being recorded at the “Flying Fox”, “Berlin Wall” and the “Slalom

Course”.The paddlers are ranked at each “split “ with the fastest receiving 0 points , second getting

1 point ect. This information is valuable to the kayakers as it lets them know how their work rate

varies during the race.

With three time champion Matthew French unable to compete the race was wide open for a young

local to get their name engraved on the trophy. This was the case with Tom Mountney dominating

the race with the fastest times at every split giving him the perfect 0 score. Lochiel Cameron was in

second place and Seb Spinks third. Australian representative Maddie Batters won the woman’s

division from Carol Hurst and Louis Wilson the leading junior.

This event has been sponsored by Forestry Tasmania since its inception and their support must be

recognised.With the whitewater reserve and Arm River Camp now under the Tasmanian Parks and

Wildlife Service we hope they will continue to be as supportive.



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Flying Fox

Berlin Wall



Take Out

Overall Time

Winter wash total




5:04 0 pts

3:36 0 pts

5:36 0 pts

3:36 0 pts

14:16 0pts





5:29 1 pt

3:59 2 pts

6:10 2 pts

3:55 2pts

15:34 1pt


Seb Spinks

5:41 2 1/2



4:00 3 pts