White Water Instructor Training & Assessment


White Water Instructor Training:

This two-day course focuses on instructional skills for teaching white water kayaking in up to Grade 2 Rivers. If you are preparing for your Paddle Australia white water instructor or guide qualification, instruct for a school/club/organisation or spend time teaching in a club or recreational setting, then this course is for you.

Modelled on the Paddle Australia white water instructor assessment, your instructor will cover course preparation and set up, teaching theory and practice on flatwater and moving water and river trip planning.

You must hold a Rescue 2 or equivalent qualification to qualify for your assessment. Luckily, we have aligned our Rescue 2 courses so you can complete the training in the 2 days prior.

Although this course focuses on instruction, your instructor will provide feedback on your paddling skills relevant to the Paddle Australia instructor benchmark.

Delivered by a Paddle Australia assessor, the course content of this Instructor Training course closely follows the Paddle Australia White Water Instructor Guidelines.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: $350 members / $450 non-members

See our calendar for upcoming courses.

For further assistance or enquiries contact Jane Stephenson on education.tas@paddle.org.au


White Water Instructor Assessment:

If you have completed your white-water instructor training, this one-day assessment allows you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to guide and instruct groups of novices on day-based activities in Kayaks on Grade 2 Whitewater. You will plan and run a day-based activity under the supervision of an assessor.

Upon successful completion of this assessment, including a quiz and instructor project, you will be eligible for the Paddle Australia white water instructor award which lasts for 3 years upon registration. An additional Paddle Australia registration fee of $170 applies to hold this qualification.

For upcoming Rescue 2, white water instructor training and assessment dates please see our calendar.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $175 members / $225 non-members

For further assistance or enquiries contact Jane Stephenson on education.tas@paddle.org.au