Mersey Freestyle Workshop 15 January 2024 with Gareth Fryer

Come and join our half day freestyle workshop with Gareth Fryer at the Mersey.
This half day course will commence at 9:30am and be conducted over a river trip. Bring your play boats but at a pinch, any white water boat will suffice. The course overview is below, however this is due to water availability and the individual requirements and ability of those on the course.
Gareth will take you through the fundamentals of freestyle kayaking, looking at edge control, balance, relaxing and separating upper and lower body and more.
The workshop will have a focus at a first drop including catching the feature, awareness and positioning, spins and/or initiating an end or two (flow dependant), and hand surfing.
Further down the river Gareth will take you through stern squirts, body rotation, rail control, balancing while moving your upper body independently.
At the washing machine feature you will be practicing relaxing and awareness in the hole and initiating ends.
Course cost: $90 Paddle TAS members / $125 Paddle TAS non-members.
Participant to instructor ratio: 4:1
If you are not sure whether this course is for you, contact Jane Stephenson on